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Reliable Commercial Chiller Repairs in Ottawa

Peak seasons come and go; but for many businesses and their chilling equipment have to run at peak performance round the year! KL Bulmer has been providing emergency and quality repairs to all types of chillers in Ottawa. There are primarily 3 types of chillers installed in commercial facilities around Ottawa. They are; Air cooled […]

Why Choose a Commercial Air Chiller For Your Business in Ottawa

Many air chillers are in use around the year. There is also a significant increase in use of commercial air chillers during summer months in Ottawa. K.L.Bulmer has been installing, maintaining and providing scheduled and emergency repair services to all types of commercial air chillers for over 21 years. Many business and building owners ask […]

Commercial Ice Makers Repair Ottawa

Commercial ice makers  are in use by various industries all year round. During the spring and warmer summer the demand for ice and related cold food items significantly increase in Ottawa. Hotels and businesses in food industries should get their commercial icemakers before the summer season. K.L.Bulmer has been in the business of commercial ice […]

Honest and Reliable Commercial Fridge Repairs in Ottawa

Commercial refrigeration is one of the most important factors of many modern businesses. Restaurants, supermarkets and laboratories are some of the few mainstream businesses which use commercial refrigeration services. There are many businesses in Ottawa which uses commercial fridges. K.L.Bulmer has been in the commercial refrigeration business for many years. Our technicians have successfully installed […]