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Commercial Ice Makers Repair Ottawa

Commercial ice makers  are in use by various industries all year round. During the spring and warmer summer the demand for ice and related cold food items significantly increase in Ottawa. Hotels and businesses in food industries should get their commercial icemakers before the summer season.

K.L.Bulmer has been in the business of commercial ice makers repair Ottawa for over (??) years. With 5 licensed and insured technicians, they work efficiently to service and repair all types of commercial ice makers in Ottawa.

Ice- be it in cube, chips and or flake form is essential to maintain the food temperature at optimum levels. Other forms of ice made by commercial ice makers pesareoctagon, tube and crushed. Various shapes of ice are used for different purposes. K.LBulmer provides seasonal and emergency repair services in Ottawa. Out technicians are just one call away!

There are small parts, tubes and storage areas which can accumulate salt deposits in the commercial ice makers. These deposits affect the quality of ice being made and stored in the ice makers. An ineffective machine may consume more energy and work less efficiently to make ice cubes and chips. A perfectly running commercial icemaker makes hard and virtually pure, clear ice.

Ice makers mainly use three different types of compressors. These compressors use following ways to cool and freeze water to make ice. They are;

  1. Air cooled
  2. Water cooled
  • Remote cooled

Commercial ice makers with air coolers are most commonly used in the food industry. They are energy efficient and do not use extra water to cool the water in the system. They do need a minimum ground clearance for a clear air passage.

Experts recommend water cooled icemakers to be used in only certain situations. Some of them are;

  • Lack of ground clearance
  • High levels of contaminants in the air
  • Ambient air temperatures are around 25 degrees Celsius

Water cooled ice makers use a lot of water. So, these machines should always be serviced and kept in perfect condition to reduce any water wastage.

Remote cooled icemakers are only used in situations when the above two types of coolers cannot be used. One of the biggest advantage of remote cooled ice maker is they are the quietest among all three ice makers. This type of icemaker needs more frequent service as this unit is installed outside and there are more parts involved and exposed to elements.

K.L.Bulmer offers periodic and scheduled maintenance and service of commercial ice makers Ottawa. Our technicians are trained to perform various checks and tests to ensure your icemakers are running in pristine conditions. We have been servicing and repairing commercial icemakers for various restaurants, bars, hospitals, laboratories in Ottawa for (??) years.

We always recommend businesses to have their commercial ice makers serviced before the high demand season. We check for any blockages, leakages. We also check and replace filters so you and your customers can enjoy high quality ice chips and cubes in summer.

To schedule an appointment for your commercial ice makers in Ottawa call K.L.Bulmer today@ 613-224-0948