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Honest and Reliable Commercial Fridge Repairs in Ottawa

Commercial refrigeration is one of the most important factors of many modern businesses. Restaurants, supermarkets and laboratories are some of the few mainstream businesses which use commercial refrigeration services.

There are many businesses in Ottawa which uses commercial fridges. K.L.Bulmer has been in the commercial refrigeration business for many years. Our technicians have successfully installed new commercial units for many different types of businesses.

Our technicians are trained to install and repair all types and sizes commercial refrigeration units all around Ottawa. We have five technicians in our team. Our technicians are insured and have experience repairing all leading brands of commercial refrigeration units including Lennox, Carrier, Keep Rite and York.

Commercial fridges are used to store temperature sensitive items. A breakdown of any such system can cause the product to go bad. This can cause substantial losses to any retailor and other types of businesses. We have been providing prompt repair services to small and large businesses in and around Ottawa. Our repair services include;

  • Prompt arrival
  • Quick and accurate diagnose of the problem
  • Recommendation to the business
  • Efficient and complete repairs of the unit.

We, at K.L.Bulmer understand commercial refrigeration like the way you understand your business. Our fully trained technicians will identify the problem and will communicate to the business supervisor. We always use quality and authentic parts while repairing various commercial refrigeration units.

Some of the most common problems we have encountered are;

  1. Leaks
  2. Compressor failure
  3. Condenser fan failure
  4. Evaporator coil failure
  5. Loose electrical connections

To help you to keep your business running efficiently, we provide 24 hours commercial refrigeration repairs services for businesses in Ottawa. We keep parts for major brands of commercial refrigeration units stocked in our repairs vans for quick and complete repairs.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained to identify the root of the problem. We at K.L.Bulmer believe to solve the problem completely. We do not slap a ban aid only to have the problem occur in worse forms later. We work hard to install, maintain and repair many commercial refrigeration units in Ottawa. Over the years, we have developed a reputation for honest repairs, friendly advice and prompt services among the business community of Ottawa.

Our business is to keep yours running in smoothly. We provide emergency and regular repairs services for all types’ commercial refrigeration units in Ottawa. For more information visit our website or call us today! 613-224-0948