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K L Bulmer is the one stop solution for all the commercial cooling services in Ottawa that you will ever need. We make it our utmost priority to adhere to customer satisfaction and keep it in mind that the products you purchase should give you excellent value for money. Our owner, Kevin has been in the business for over a decade, and understands each and every need of the industry, and can give you some really sound advice, whether you need to buy a new commercial refrigerator, chiller or ice maker or have your already installed one serviced or repaired. We understand the nature of our clients’ businesses and thus are proud to provide our full services around the clock. We work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day and have set our internal standards higher than the norms in the industry. We maintain a team of highly experienced and licensed technicians who we make sure that know exactly what needs to be done and cater to your business’s needs as if it were their own. We cater all the top brands for commercial cooling in Ottawa and our staff is fully licensed to install, repair or service your refrigerators and chillers.

Commercial chillers in Ottawa

Be it a storage area, an office building, a restaurant or any other building where you want a professional ambiance, air conditioning is a must. During the warm or hot days, they ensure a comfortable environment for your customers as well as employees. It has been tested and proved that the work efficiency of your employees reaches its maximum when you provide them with the comfort conditions created by the AC. Similarly, your customers and clients would give your business preference over your competitors if you have this one edge over them; you have a commercial chiller installed. For some industries, having an air conditioning unit is a prerequisite, but there too we can help you find the perfect brand and solution which minimizes your costs and ensures a lifetime of service.

We suggest that the chillers be inspected and serviced at least 60 days before the summer season. This not only helps our technicians ensure that your unit is ready to serve you in those warm, humid days, but also helps them find any issues beforehand and give them a fix preventing them to be carried forward to a time when you cannot afford shut down for a single minute.

Commercial refrigeration in Ottawa

In this modern industry, commercial refrigerators have proven to be of great use. You need to preserve food or other perishable items; store them at a very low temperature to enable then to be used later; refrigeration is the key. Due to this, food items can be exported all over the world, giving us a taste of what our ancestors could only imagine. Our technicians are highly trained in installing, repairing and servicing your commercial refrigerators while ensuring just in time services and eliminating any lead times. We understand the importance of these refrigerators to the businesses who have them installed, and hence ensure that your unit stays up and running while giving you suggestions for an environment that will ensure minimum energy loss and the maximum efficiency of your refrigerator.

Manufacturers today also understand the importance of a reliable service and so have started providing increased warranties, which can give you the peace of mind that you are covered.

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