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Reliable Commercial Chiller Repairs in Ottawa

Peak seasons come and go; but for many businesses and their chilling equipment have to run at peak performance round the year! KL Bulmer has been providing emergency and quality repairs to all types of chillers in Ottawa.

There are primarily 3 types of chillers installed in commercial facilities around Ottawa. They are;

  1. Air cooled chiller
  2. Water cooled chiller and,
  • Compressor chiller

These chillers vary from size to 20 to 4000+ tons, depending upon the size and needs of the commercial facility in Ottawa. KL Bulmer and its technicians are licensed and insured to install, maintain and repair commercial chillers made by various manufacturers. These commercial chillers are used in many commercial and research settings. Some of them in Ottawa are;

  • Chemical and composite manufacturing and storing facilities
  • Breweries
  • Large educational and institutional facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Offices and other high rise workspaces
  • Server rooms
  • Data centers
  • Pharma industries

With KL Bulmer you will receive exemplary and prompt repairs services to all types of commercial chillers in Ottawa. We bring expertise and experience along with our up to date licenses and training certifications. We know and understand the importance of perfectly running commercial chillers for various industries. Our trained technicians will arrive on scheduled time and will bring proper paperwork so everything moves in perfect manner. KL Bulmer and its technicians always record all the details of the problem diagnosed and the repairs carried out. We will show our licenses and insurance papers on request to all our clients. Our technicians are trained and licensed to make repairs on all commercial chillers made by different manufacturers. Some of the most commonly found chillers are made by;

  • Trane
  • Carrier
  • McQuay
  • York
  • Dunham Bush

All 3 types of above mentioned chillers are characterised by their internal mechanics. They are centrifugal, screw, magnetic and piston. We have trained technicians specifically for each type of internal mechanics. This allows us to dedicate an expert to any of the problem that might occur with your specific commercial chiller in Ottawa. KL Bulmer also provides installation and periodic scheduled maintenance for your existing commercial chillers. These periodic maintenance and check-ups will allow your commercial chillers in Ottawa to run in pristine conditions. The new commercial chillers are made with durability and performance in any type of Canadian weather. These chillers are installed in the roofs and sometime they are partially installed outside and inside of the commercial facility. The location and the type of commercial chiller are decided by the size of the facility and the desired temperature needed inside the commercial facilities in Ottawa.

KL Bulmer also provides expert system designers and installers for all types of commercial chillers. We have been also providing emergency on site repairs to various commercial chillers in Ottawa. We offer round the clock emergency services, so your business and all types of commercial facilities can operate at optimum levels at all times.

Our technicians arrive at the location with a fully stocked truck, so they are able to provide one stop and complete solution to all types of problems. Commercial chillers are specialized and an integral part of your commercial sites in Ottawa. Our technicians ensure you receive prompt and best commercial Chiller repair services in Ottawa.

KL Bulmer is an experienced, licensed and insured company providing quality repair services for commercial chillers in Ottawa for more than 10 years. Our repeat client list and great reviews are some of the indicators of high quality repairs services.

For all types of commercial chiller repairs, maintenance and installation services call us today@