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Why Choose a Commercial Air Chiller For Your Business in Ottawa

Many air chillers are in use around the year. There is also a significant increase in use of commercial air chillers during summer months in Ottawa. K.L.Bulmer has been installing, maintaining and providing scheduled and emergency repair services to all types of commercial air chillers for over 21 years.

Many business and building owners ask us why should they buy and install an air chiller? These air chillers are designed to last a long time with minimum equipment damage and a long operating life. Air coolers comes with two different types of compressors;

  1. Scroll and
  2. Screw

The cooling range of Commercial Air Chillers is from 0-1000 tons of cooling energy. The size of the commercial air chiller best suited for your business depends upon the size and capacity of the commercial building. Air chillers can either be a single piece equipment or it can be split into various configurations. Our licensed experts can help you decide which type of air chiller will be best suited for your commercial property.

Commercial air chillers are most commonly used in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other large retail buildings in Ottawa. K.L.Bulmer and their team of dedicated contractors have been providing reliable maintenance and installation services for all types of commercial buildings in and around Ottawa. Commercial air chillers are also used to cool down various products during various manufacturing processes. We also provide 24/7 emergency repair services for all types of Commercial Air Chillers in Ottawa.

Our technicians are licensed and insured. They have been trained and educated by some of the leading experts in the commercial cooling industry. Our business is licensed and properly insuredso, you can be assured about out commitment to quality and professional Air Chillers installation and repair services Ottawa.

Benefits of Air Chillers:

These air chillers have been steadily gaining popularity in the commercial circle since the 1980s. These air chillers have significantly reduced costs attached with other types of cooling equipment.

  • Lower initial and maintenance costs: Air chillers do not require many additional equipment. This allows air coolers to have a lower buying cost as well as lower maintenance costs. As there are fewer parts and equipment to check and repair, you can enjoy a better and a reliable cooling equipment for a long time.
  • Can be used around the year: These commercial air chillers can be used in below freezing temperatures. As these units are always installed outside, they can operate efficiently in the cold temperatures of Ottawa. These chillers will consistently provide chilled air regardless of the weather outside, any time of the year.
  • Single Piece Units are quick to install: For smaller size areas, single piece air chillers are an excellent choice. These chillers are already assembled in the factory and all of their parts and components are tested. This allows us to quickly install this type of air chiller and your business can enjoy steady flow of cool air.

 Controls of the Air Chillers:

With the help of modern technology, control of the big and small commercial air chillers has become easy. All information needed by the operator and the maintenance crew is displayed in a digital manner and is easily accessible. These controls are also connected to a remote or directly attached computer which provides important and detailed diagnostic information. Our technicians are properly trained to provide reliable maintenance services for your cooling equipment in Ottawa.

At K.L.Bulmer we have been helping various large and small businesses of Ottawa with all their cooling needs. We provide consultation, installation and maintenance services for types of commercial cooling equipment. For more information about our products,

Call us today and book a consultation session today!